Friday, September 2, 2016

Dreading it... another update

Okay, I have been given my classroom back. This should be considered good news. However, I have a mixture of feelings about it. I feel like I have been moved around a lot, or perhaps not necessarily moved around a lot but there has been inconsistencies in my time at work.

I was really hoping to stay where I was placed after I was removed from the class. My heart was set on it, it was a year of very little stress and I really grew to enjoy work a lot more than I was and I loved the two ladies I was working with.

Then my boss calls me, at first I did not accept it but then I did. I felt I had to but now I’m worried that because I am not happy, excited, or in any way looking forward to it I might mess up… My heart does not seem in it like it was the other years I was in that class. Instead I am filled with nervousness and a little bit of dread. I am hoping this is only temporarily and that those feelings will be replaced with good thoughts.

I pray to mother earth to help me through this, to help my mind be at ease, and most of all to help me find that place where I will truly be happy.