Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Redefined backpacker: reusable bottle update

I have said in a previous post that I had started carrying my traveling coffee mug and water bottle. So, update!

I did well with carrying around my coffee mug, it was on and off but when I didn't carry it and bought coffee I would have terrible guilt, that I'd make sure I carried it the next day, or I'd double think about buying it. I hate feeling like I'm contributing to the landfills. Earth needs to have less trash. Also, since I haven't been drinking coffee outside of my home and when I am outside and want something like a cold drink, I'll use the disposable one they give at whatever place I buy. I don't like that. I'll have to buy a reusable... something. I like drinking from a straw, but I don't want it to spill when I'm carrying it in my backpack. I will look for something good. 

The water bottle was great until I noticed the edge of the inside was peeling and so I threw it away. I bought another one shortly after, a stainless steel one, and it's ok. I don't like to drink the water if it was there all day, especially of there is a little left. I noticed that it starts smelling bad. I don't know if I like stainless steel. I bought it because it's better than plastic, but I don't like that it smells. Ideally I'd like glass but I honestly don't know if I can carry all that around. Its heavy. 

So, in general I feel great about this decision that has pretty much stuck for about seven months now. (I'll work on that cold drink)


  1. Is that bottle a thermos (vacuum flask)? I carry my water in one and the liquid stays cold so long that the taste of metal never really has a chance to mix in.

    1. No, it's not a thermos. I didn't think about thermos bottles, I will now look for one, thanks!