Friday, September 11, 2015

Beauty Purge... kind of

A couple of months ago I went through another purge. This time it was a bathroom one. I didn't get rid of a lot though, since I didn't have a lot to begin with. It still felt good though, because, although I didn't have much, whatever I did have included some unnecessary things.

I had three hair brushes, one was old and dusty, the other was broken, and the last one was a small one that came in a bathroom kit my son received for Christmas. He doesn't need a hairbrush so I tossed my two away and kept his.

I threw away two nail polish, and kept one pink one. I hardly ever use nail polish, so why have them. I almost threw away the pink one but I thought I'd keep it in case there is some special event or I'm in a mood where I want to feel girly (in the last couple of months I've used the nail polish once).

I also had a container with four different color eye shadows. Do you want to know how many times I've used it since I bought it (2 years ago)? Once. So into the trash bin it went. I really don't remember why I bought it, I must have been in a girly mood. I've never been big on makeup, and that's all right with me. I think the less makeup the better. No offense to anyone who wears make up. Everybody's face is different, and everybody has different tastes, and styles. (Also, I don't like to spend more than five minutes prepping my face. I'd rather sleep or exercise)

After tossing many things I now have, on the cabinet above my sink: a face wash, hair brush, deodorant, a cocoa butter stick, homemade body scrub I use once a week, two hair bands, a few Bobby pins, and a small container with black eyeliner, a tan shimmer eye shadow pencil, lip gloss, tweezers, eyelash curler, and nail clippers. That's all.

Purging is like cleaning. It gives you that feeling of peace, and clarity. Its like a breadth of fresh air.

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