Friday, September 11, 2015

Beauty Purge... kind of

A couple of months ago I went through another purge. This time it was a bathroom one. I didn't get rid of a lot though, since I didn't have a lot to begin with. It still felt good though, because, although I didn't have much, whatever I did have included some unnecessary things.

I had three hair brushes, one was old and dusty, the other was broken, and the last one was a small one that came in a bathroom kit my son received for Christmas. He doesn't need a hairbrush so I tossed my two away and kept his.

I threw away two nail polish, and kept one pink one. I hardly ever use nail polish, so why have them. I almost threw away the pink one but I thought I'd keep it in case there is some special event or I'm in a mood where I want to feel girly (in the last couple of months I've used the nail polish once).

I also had a container with four different color eye shadows. Do you want to know how many times I've used it since I bought it (2 years ago)? Once. So into the trash bin it went. I really don't remember why I bought it, I must have been in a girly mood. I've never been big on makeup, and that's all right with me. I think the less makeup the better. No offense to anyone who wears make up. Everybody's face is different, and everybody has different tastes, and styles. (Also, I don't like to spend more than five minutes prepping my face. I'd rather sleep or exercise)

After tossing many things I now have, on the cabinet above my sink: a face wash, hair brush, deodorant, a cocoa butter stick, homemade body scrub I use once a week, two hair bands, a few Bobby pins, and a small container with black eyeliner, a tan shimmer eye shadow pencil, lip gloss, tweezers, eyelash curler, and nail clippers. That's all.

Purging is like cleaning. It gives you that feeling of peace, and clarity. Its like a breadth of fresh air.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Redefined backpacker: reusable bottle update

I have said in a previous post that I had started carrying my traveling coffee mug and water bottle. So, update!

I did well with carrying around my coffee mug, it was on and off but when I didn't carry it and bought coffee I would have terrible guilt, that I'd make sure I carried it the next day, or I'd double think about buying it. I hate feeling like I'm contributing to the landfills. Earth needs to have less trash. Also, since I haven't been drinking coffee outside of my home and when I am outside and want something like a cold drink, I'll use the disposable one they give at whatever place I buy. I don't like that. I'll have to buy a reusable... something. I like drinking from a straw, but I don't want it to spill when I'm carrying it in my backpack. I will look for something good. 

The water bottle was great until I noticed the edge of the inside was peeling and so I threw it away. I bought another one shortly after, a stainless steel one, and it's ok. I don't like to drink the water if it was there all day, especially of there is a little left. I noticed that it starts smelling bad. I don't know if I like stainless steel. I bought it because it's better than plastic, but I don't like that it smells. Ideally I'd like glass but I honestly don't know if I can carry all that around. Its heavy. 

So, in general I feel great about this decision that has pretty much stuck for about seven months now. (I'll work on that cold drink)

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

To combat my low moods

I've been waking ten minutes earlier than my usual wake up time to do a little bit of exercise. First it started with thirty minutes, but I had to face it it was cutting too much into my morning, and I wasn't about to wake up thirty minutes earlier. Mornings are always hectic, so I chose to do only ten to fifteen minutes. It was difficult not to press the snooze button, but I've gotten the hang of it. I place my phone far from my bed and close to the bathroom, so I must get up to silence it, and since the bathroom is there I just step in there to use it and brush my teeth. And I'm awake.

It's been difficult, and I admit I go on and off this routine, but I'm not off it for more than a week, which is nothing to how it was in past years. I'll do the routine for two months then I'm off for six months. Now I've been doing it for six, that's big for me.

I've been doing this to see how it affects my moods because honestly it's been horrible. I've read that exercising is good to combat some depression because it releases endorphins. And I want to be able to feel happy, or at least have some clarity and get myself in the right direction.

So far I hadn't gotten rid of that constant low feeling until a couple of weeks ago. However, there are other things that have changed about a couple of weeks ago too, so I think all that has some part in this. One: I've been off work because the school is closed until next week and I think perhaps the lack of to dos from work helps, and since I won't have my class come fall I don't have to worry about planning. (I'm off work but that doesn't mean I get to sleep in. I must wake up at the same time because my son started school. So I'm referring here to work related stress) Two: I get to bed earlier. Not working means I get to be at home taking care of house stuff and food, so when I get home with my son I can help with homework, and have dinner without being rushed. Oh, and three:I've cut down on caffeine, I'm still drinking coffee but it's my coffee from home so I have control over how strong the coffee will be, as opposed to the coffee I'd buy at say Starbucks. I believe the coffee is a big thing because my crash isn't bad, it's not even there. I'm not tired at all by late afternoon. This could also be because of sleep though.

I guess I'd have to see if the coffee and sleep help with the tiredness once I get back to work.