Sunday, August 23, 2015

personal update

first i want to say excuse my typing. i dropped some water on my laptop, and the shift keys aren't working, so i can't capitalize letters or use exclamation marks or parenthesis and stuff like that. the caps lock works but that's going to take too much time.

in the three months- or so- of my absence;
-i've decided to NOT continue on to do librarianship or teach elementary children.
-my boss informed me that i will be removed from my small classroom of two year olds, and be placed to work with another teacher, with four year olds. so, i don't have my own classroom come fall.
-i turned thirty
-i went through another semi-purge, most of the stuff was my son's toys.
-i decided im tired of the hour and a half commute to work, like seriously tired of it that i asked my boss if she can cut my hours so i can pick up my son from school and be able to be there for him-- but really also for myself.
-i got an offer to move to other side of town to a two bedroom house and rent for as much as i'm paying now for my very tiny studio apartment. -- and it is very tempting. my hope for this is very low, so i am also thinking of looking for another job on my side of town, and an apartment.

i'm having very low esteem, i know everyone goes through difficult times, i just wish i knew how to handle this and not just plop myself into bed and hide. i don't know how to ask for help. i'm sure my cousins would help however i ask them to help, if i only did. i don't want to lay myself out to my family, that's one of the reasons why i wanted a blog, to get it out to strangers, if anybody.