Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I took my son to see the movie Planes. I thought it was good. I liked it perhaps even better than the Cars movie. It was an exciting movie. What I really really dislike is all the marketing! It is so easy to target children, and difficult for parents to shield them from all that. They want anything simply because it has a picture from the movie, or the TV show, even if they have ten pencils, they don't have THAT pencil! Aside from that, it's even more pricy because of the picture. I'll just get a sticker and stick it to the pencil, or the bicycle. There. All done.

I try not to show my son TV shows that I know have toys, but it's hard. PBS and some QUBO shows are fine. The only thing with QUBO is that they show commercials. The good thing is that they are not so much toy commercials but things like "pillow pets", and commercials to watch other shows. Then he goes to his dads and there he watches TV all day, and comes home telling me that he wants power rangers legos, or star wars legos,or Ninjago (which I believe was created by Lego? I have not seen the TV show but bought Desh a book of it and it is completely horrible. It's horribly written, and I really dislike the main characters, they are a bunch of teenagers with attitude. Yet, it's targeted to young children)

Oh, did you know that there is "Lego the movie" coming out? Wow, it is going to be the biggest and longest commercial ever. Of course my son wants to go see it. I will admit, I want to see it too. But, unlike my son, I am capable of acknowledging it for what it is, and am not wanting everything Lego.

I much want us to reject our materialistic culture.

Monday, August 19, 2013

The landlord of my apartment complex, well technically it's a motel, lent me a book by Mary Higgins Clark. I have not read any of her books in a very long time. I think even since high school. So that has been about eleven years. So because I have some time off from work and my son is in school, I am taking some of that time to read this book and later look for others. I read a bit of the book already and all of a sudden I started thinking about high school. My high school author's were: Agatha Christy, Victoria Holt, Christopher Pike. Mostly mystery and suspense with a bit of romance. Those were it for the most part, every now and then I'd read something else like Clark. I was never much a Stephen King fan.
Now, I really don't like much romance, and I'd rather read a book about survival (mental, physical, emotion).

On Friday night I wrote my weekly newsletter for the parents, and when I looked at the date I thought Oh, tomorrow is my birthday. I thought out loud and my son was playing nearby.
Really mommy? Tomorrow is your birthday?
Yes it is.
You need to make a cake for you!
So my son wanted me to make a cake for myself. But that day we had plans to go to the beach and I was too tired to make a cake. Sometimes I make a cake of buy a cake for a family member's birthday, and he loves it. He usually helps me make it, by help I mean lick the spoons clean.

I know I keep saying this but I really do miss writing. I'm writing now =)

Saturday, August 10, 2013

I truly truly miss writing. So much. There is so much I would like to write down that I just don't know how to write it all, how to start. I don't just mean writing like a journal (though I love that) but I mean writing creatively. I am thinking why I hadn't sent the piece that I had written back in 2008. Is it too late to send it? I feel I have lost my ability to create something.

I need inspiration, I need motivation.

Maybe later today I will start writing a bit. After I'm done with some work. Maybe I'll send that piece to a couple of magazines.

I miss writing in here.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Wow, I can't believe it's been almost a year since my last post. I have neglected my blog and as always when I neglect my blog I feel guilty. Writing in here is the only writing I can really have. Whether creative or just to let out some sort of steam. Clicking on the "create a post icon" made me feel excited.

My son will be starting kindergarten next month. I can't believe he is five and half years old already. And he lost his bottom tooth already, and his other one is loose. My little chimuelo.

I completed my first year as a preschool teacher. My students range from 24 to 36 months. I feel weird saying I'm a teacher to two year olds... they really don't need the classic teacher you think about. So I'm not the classic teacher. At least I don't feel like I am, although technically I am.  I'm a developmental teacher. I have the youngest children that can be permitted to be preschool age. It is very challenging but very rewarding. They are sweet, and have much to learn. They require so much patience and kindness, with just a hint of firmness. They know what they want and that's all they know; very egocentric.

I will still be at the preschool at least another year.

I am still wanting to move to the other side of the country. It's a scary feeling. I think about my son. Is it selfish to move my son (who has his whole family-- not to mention mine) out of here. I would like my son to have a different growing up life experience from mine, but I don't want him to be detached from the family. I am planning on coming back for summers and Christmas though.

I am used to the city. I don't like the city for its pollution and lack of greenery. There are places I know... but I want more. More more. I don't want to be stuck here.

I want to take a leap, a nice and good leap, a leap that makes me feel scared but excited for the possibilities. The rush from the city makes me feel stressed and on edge, even walking I can't hear my thoughts or have a conversation with my son. I'm straining to hear him over the sounds of the rushing cars. I bend down to hear him. Sometimes he thinks I'm ignoring him because I can't hear him. I want some peace. I want to slow down. I want my green nature. And I want a change. Like I said: a scary but exciting leap.