Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Wow, so it's been about four months huh. I feel terrible for having neglected my blog. I keep telling myself I will do it today, or I will do it tomorrow but then things come up and I guess I use that as an excuse. I should update on what's been going on.

First, I am going to be teaching at the school I've been working at. It is a private school and the owner really seems to want to make as much profit as possible... so there is a small room in the school that she wants me to be in. The maximum number of kids that can be in there is six... that's how small it it. It will be both good and bad. Good that there will be a good student to teacher ratio, and so it being a small class it will be good for more interaction and more attention... Bad because it's a small classroom. The small classroom may cause some problems as to what I should always have out and what will need to be brought out... according to the "standards" we need to have several areas for the children... and with this small classroom it will be a challenge... also there is an echo (and I will be with children dealing with heavy separation anxiety)... nonetheless I am grateful to be given the opportunity to be able to get in there and learn more =)

Second, I was looking for a car which has been harder than I thought! A few I looked up seemed good but there were problems with the people trying to sell... some didn't respond back, others never showed up when scheduled to meet, even their cell number was out of service that day we were on the phone -that one was weird... and some were trying to do some stuff on ebay. I'm considering buying from dealer. My carfax access will expire in about a week and a half!

Long post... I hope you are all doing well... also... I do read your blogs from time to time! I enjoy reading about what is going on with you guys than writing what is going on with me. Haha

I will write again when I get back... for an update on that