Sunday, October 16, 2011

Oh so pretty

I wore the new jeans with the simple sneakers and my dark grey tank top. I realized something, as long as I wear even just a shirt that makes me feel pretty its good for me, even if its just my half inch sandals, its good for me, even if its the eyeliner, its good for me. I like it simple.

I need to feel pretty, I have been trying to make an effort into making myself feel a bit more confident. If I leave the house feeling pretty then my self esteem will go up a bit for that day, and I will be able to go about my day without feeling uncomfortable. I know it shouldn't matter what others see... and to be honest I don't think this is about what others can physically see, but its about how I physically see myself and how I feel about myself. So, in order to boost myself up a bit I am making sure to do something, however miniscule it is. As long as I can feel it I think I'll be alright in that aspect, for that day anyway.

I painted my nails red today, bright red, so bright they look bloody red. I like it. I like the way they look with my soft brown skin. Every time I touch my face with them I look at them. Every time I brush my bangs back I look at them. Every time I scratch an itch on my arm I look at them. Every time I do anything with my hands I feel compelled to look at them, almost stare. They don't look like my hands with these bloody red nails. They look pretty, they look even sexy. I think I'm in love with them. Hah.