Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sex and Violence and Children

I watched a snippet on the news (no more than five seconds) when I was flipping through the channels and you know what I heard? Second graders were caught doing/performing sexual activities. How horrible is that!? Little seven year olds doing grown up things in a not so grown up way. Seven year olds!

I literally made a face, I felt like I was hurt by a close family member. I felt I had done something wrong for having cause this close family member hurt me in an indirect way, in a way that he/she didn't mean too, but did nontheless. I felt horrible for giving birth to my son who will have to grow up in this media oriented, violent, sexualized society where girls feel they have to grow up and keep up with the rest of the girls, where boys feel they have to be "tough" and violent while withholding their feelings and emotions in order to be considered a man.

I'm sure my generation has grown up like this, or close to it. I mean, it wasn't untill 1984 when the FCC stopped regulating what children watched on television, and it wasn't until this time when things began to go downhill. They decided it was okay to let corporations market towards children to make more money. "Yeah, go ahead, turn children against their parents, make them think they know nothing about what they need." They might as well have said that.

Sure, it was just single-purposed toys linked to cartoons like Care Bears, Transformers, etc. Then what? Lunch boxes, cereal boxes, sugary treats. And then? Corporations decided to market pg-13 movies to children under 7. Spiderman is a pg-13 movie, the Green Hornet is a pg-13 movie, why are they giving out toys at mcdonald's for these movies? Don't tell me 13 year olds want a happy meal. Don't tell me 15 year olds want a lunch box with spiderman on it (well, maybe to collect but that's not my point). Eventually the under seven year olds want to see this pg-13 movie and will be exposed to violence and sex. Five year olds as well and they are still at that stage where they can not distingish the difference between reality and pretend. They really don't. My son is three and when he sees people arguing on tv he yells at them and tells them to be quiet. Seriously all this exposure to violence and sex is making children grow up to be indifference to violence and sex. Taking six year olds to see violence and sex is like letting them stick around and watch a man kill a man with repeated knife thurst, or letting them watch a couple of strangers have sex. Would you expose your child to that in real life? Your five year old child? It's the same thing because they are at that stage.

I would never tell parents what to do, no way. I dislike people tell me what to do as a parent. I simply would like to point out something that I do feel is important for parents to know. I really do. I'm glad I know this, I'm glad I've done some research on this, and if some parents don't agree with me that's fine. We all have our ways and our top priorities when it comes to our child.

I typed everyting so fast. I'm in the library and will be booted off in exactly 40 seconds!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Books are exciting

I went back to my ex.

Juuuust kidding. I went back to his place to pick up some stuff that I left, and still need to get some more stuff but not much left.  I got my books!

I swear to mother earth that when I saw these books I could have had sex with my ex if he was there. Okay, so I really wouldn't. I just want to make a point: I was excited to find these books, they are mine... I got the feeling I get when I walk into a bookstore, or a library, but even more excited because they are already mine.

I love walking into a bookstore and I love the smell of new books. I love running my fingers through the bindings, reading the summary in the back of the books, reading the short bio of the author of the book, and then maybe reading a few pages or a chapter.  Then flipping through the pages and inhaling the smell of the pages as they fan me, and finally the purchase.

I love walking into a library and doing the same as the above minus the purchase and maybe minus the fanning. Some of those books have a very distinctive smell; the smell of the previous reader who seemed to have enjoyed the book so much that he or she had to repeatedly borrow it, or renew it. I'm sure there was the occasional "oh I forgot I borrowed that book, let me renew it again", or perhaps the person who borrowed it just had a really really strong scent that penetrated into the pages of the book.

Whatever, I really like books, even if I don't read them I just like them, I like the look of them, the feel of them, and the way they make me feel: excited.  I really don't know why-- besides the inner journey it takes me in-- I like to have them (or not even own, but just physically have them) perhaps its just the anticipation of reading it.

Okay, enough of that. I have neglected my blog, and that makes me feel sad. I don't know whether I've mentioned this in other posts or not but my laptop is not working (go figure), and I am taking some classes which begin on the 29th of this month so I need to hurry up and get it fixed. I have some money now, it's just that since school isn't in session yet I have put other things as priority, but now that it is starting in about a week, I need to take it in.

I am taking child development classes, should be fun. Last semester I didn't do well in neither of my classes (2), so I will have to retake them as well as an additional one. I am so nervous about these classes though because it will determine whether I will be able to move up to my next child development permit, and after a couple of months (150 hours) or maybe less if I get full time, I can finally get my teaching permit. So, we'll see...  

Still, writing is going to be there. I HAVE to keep this blog up so that I can continue with writing, and to keep sane as i've said before... I feel unusually happy today, maybe its the coffee (I've cut back a lot on coffee and i just had a strong one, which I probably shouldn't have).

Good night.